Ideal Tanks & Pumps Ltd “10 year” warranty is provided upon the expectation that when we supply and install a steel tank and approved pipework system it will withstand years of service. If during the first 10 years from date of invoice you find any defect in material or workmanship of the tank, we will gladly repair or replace the goods.

General Provisions

The initial installation will be completed by an Oftec registered engineer and should be inspected annually by an Oftec registered engineer. Any improper follow up maintenance will affect this warranty. Proof of purchase will be required, this warranty is not transferable.


Terms and Conditions



The 10 year warranty does not cover



  • Damage or failure of any goods due to accident, misuse or neglect

  • Corrosion due to extreme environmental conditions

  • External fittings and valves (where Statutory warranty will apply)

  • Any secondary issues arising from fuel contamination, on the ground or other equipment

  • Unauthorised work carried out on either tank or pipework

  • Tanks that are not installed onto approved bases

  • Any tank that may have been lifted without appropriate equipment

  • Loss of any fuel, property or environmental damage due to spillage



The 10 year warranty does cover but may not be limited to


  • Failure of any steel tank construction


This warranty does not affect your Statutory Rights. This warranty is not meant to suggest or imply that the goods will last forever. All products have a useful lifecycle.